Snapshot from the Lower Mississippi River, Island 84, Mile 532.

Island 84, above the bridge. Greenville, Mississippi

The fire’s burning down beside us.  My socks dry in its fading heat.  A south wind keeps the smoke from our eyes.  Ten feet away waves from a passing towboat are crashing against the soft sandy cliffs. Dinner digests.  We put 33 miles behind us today.  We traveled the rising river with ducks on driftwood.  Above us white pelicans and cormorants flew south.  Now stars fill the sky.  The wind has just turned cold and my fingers remember this morning’s frosty air.  I hope things start to warm up soon.


About banksofthebasin

Brett grew up in South Jersey, moved to the coast of Maine to study human ecology, and then spent a year traveling on rivers around the world—from the frozen arctic to the mangroves of south Asia. Before setting out on Banks of the Basin he baked bread in Pittsburgh and kayaked the beautiful rivers of central Appalachia.
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