About Brett

Loren Eiseley, biologist and poet, wrote “if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Like Eiseley, Brett has been enchanted by water.

He grew up on the brown muddy creeks, hazel cedar lakes, and salt bays and beaches of his native Southern New Jersey. Then moved to the wonderful little watersheds of downeast Maine where he studied human ecology—with a minor in white water paddling.

Over the last few years Brett has floated (both literally and figuratively) to the the coastal bays of New Jersey, American Southwest, Canadian arctic, Italian coast, delta’s of the Ganges and Mekong river, and down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. He has been a teacher, fishermen, farm hand, forager, advocate, ecological engineer, blogger, baker, botanist, young explorer for the National Geographic Society, star gazer, story teller, kayaker, and a forever student.

His favorite North American nut is the black walnut (though he thinks pecans are easier to crack and pretty tasty too), favorite swimming hole is on the west side of Mount Desert Island, if he had to chose a favorite river it would be the Union (in Ellsworth, Maine) and his natal Big Timber Creek, he likes to gather blue berries in the summer just as much as he likes chocolate chip cookies (a lot).

Contact Brett: banksofthebasin@gmail.com


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